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1600sqft of curated sets to open space in seconds. Lights, decorations, backgrounds and much more all included. Ideal for all of your projects such as photoshoots, music videos, commercials, films, casting, workshops, table reads and rehearsals. With a large roll up door you can even bring a car inside the studio!

Break room - Wardrobe room/Make up - Restroom

Speaker, Foldable Tables and chairs, WIFI

2 designated Parking spots, 5 guest parking and street parking

24h gated access

9'H x 14'L Rollable metal gate

Prop room full of usable props

Rain Room (Additional Fee $200)

*The studio isn't soundproof. For better sound quality during recordings, we suggest booking on weekends or after 6 pm.

Studio available 24/7

We work by appointments only. Please fill out the form below to schedule a booking.

Fill out the form and get 1 Free Hour!
*(When booking 3 hours or more)


Backdrop papers


Super White



Primary Red


3 Strobes lights Neweer 400w (total of 1200w)

3 Octoboxes 30"

7' Parabolic silver umbrella with diffusor

2 Neweer 660 RGB panels

2 GVM 80w COB LED Daylight 

1 ring light

(3) 25' Extension cords

(1) 50' Extension cord

3 Power strips

100Amps of Power


Multiple lightweight light stands,   

3 C-Stands

2 Full apple boxes

1 half apple box

1 pancake apple box

12 Sandbags


Fog Machine

Scraps of dubatine and black wrap

Art Department




Power tools


Arri Fresnel Light Kit



1 - 150W Fresnels w/ barndoors
2- 300W Fresnel w/ barndoors
1- 650W Fresnel w/ barndoors



Nanlite Pavotube ll 30x 



4 - 4ft pixel RGB Light tube

Remote control

Base stands

$25/day each

$80/day for 4

DJI Wireless 2.jpg

DJI Wireless 2 mic Set


2 - Wireless Mics (also work as recorders)
1 - Wireless receiver

1 - Aux Cable, TRS Jack

2 - death cats for the mics

2 - Phone adapters connectors for receiver (Iphone & Android)



Sound Package.jpg

Sound recording



Zoom H4n with headphones

Boom pole

Xlr cables

VidPro Shotgun Mic



unnamed (1).jpg

Moza AirCross 2



Easy to use gimbal with payloads of 7lbs can use vertical, horizontal, inception mode and more. 12 hours battery, It comes follow focus IFocus M, quick release plates and connection cables.




Available colors:

Canary (Yellow)


Tulip (Pink) 

Coral (Light Pink)

Orchid (Pastel purple)

True blue (Light Blue)

Baby Blue (Light Turquoise)

Studio Blue (Royal Blue)

Almond (Nude)

Cocoa (caramel)

Evergreen (Dark Green)

Tech Green (Green Screen)

Changing Seamless Backdrop papers on the rack

On the wall there can only be 4 seamless backdrop paper colors simultaneously. On the Rack always ready there are white, black, grey and red. If you want a different color is $7 per color change. (Please let us know in advance if you would like us to change any colors.)

If you need more than 4 colors at the time you are welcome to set them up yourself using C stands free of charge as long as you roll the backdrops properly.

*If you are doing full body shots and need to stand on the papers make sure your feet or shoes are as clean as possible. If the papers get damaged or too stained there will be a fee of $5 per linear ft until the damage is cut out, the average photoshoot uses 4 - 6ft that get cut out. Please don't worry about damaging the paper as it is there for you to do so if you need it.


backdrops colors.jpg

Please contact us if you have any questions:


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