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Social media trends to try this week.

Updated: Jun 26

Social media trends can help you with engagement and reach so it is always a good idea to use them for your business.

What are the trending reels on Instagram this month you can try for your business?

Here is roundup of hottest Instagram reels - June 19, 2024.

  1. Please, Please, Please by Sabrina Carpenter -160K reels posted.

This is definitely the song of the summer. This trend is great for showcasing your product or service, as well as relatable memes.

A woman creating pattern using lemons for dish towels

2. Let's Dance (remix Emma Stone) - 41K reels posted.

You can use this trend for funny memes, or showing your office and team members.

A woman dancing in her living room with different kind of plants all around her. she is happy and smiling

3. Should I Stay or Should I Go (Remastered) - 58k reels posted.

This trend is great to show behind the scenes, share info or tips.

A woman creating something using different tools, at here home patio

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